How to create a user in MediaWiki

Search this Special:Userlogin in the search bar and in the page that appears you can create a user if you have the rights.

Run application in 32bit mode on OSX

In Finder select the file > Get Info > Run 32 bit

How to import a MySQL dump file

First create the database:

In the terminal:

mysql -u root -p

Inside MySQL command line:

mysql> create database foo;
mysql> exit;

In the terminal again:

mysql -u #username# -p #database# < #dump_file#

Import the

Running MySQL on Terminal in Leopard


Running MAMP mysql on terminal

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql --host=localhost -uroot -proot

Smarty first item of array

{foreach from=$items key=myId item=i name=foo} 
{if $}LATEST{else}{$myId}{/if} {$i.label}

Prestashop | This module cannot be transplanted to this hook.

If you are trying to place a Prestahsop Module in some hook, and you are getting this error: "This module cannot be transplanted to this hook." you can fix it modifying the module's php.

For example if you are trying to place the Categories Block in the "Top of Pages" and you can't. Open the file: /modules/blockcategories/blockategories.php and add this function:

public function hookTop($params)
        return $this->hookLeftColumn($params);