How to rollback an unsucesful deploy to appengine

sh /paht/to/appengine-sdk/bin/ rollback path/to/project/war/

How to get user locale in a Java Servlet

Locale locale = request.getLocale();
Enumeration locales = request.getLocales();

appengine hot deploy on mac

1. Install JRebel
2. In Eclipse go to Help -> Install New Software... and download JRebel plugin
3. Specified jrebel.jar jar in Eclipse / JRebel.
4. Modify and let it something like this:

java -ea -cp "$JAR_FILE" \
--jvm_flag=-javaagent:$REBEL_HOME/jrebel.jar --jvm_flag=-noverify \ $*

5. Add to the Run Configuration this VM Argument

-javaagent:/path/to/jrebel/jrebel.jar -noverify

6. Now it must works!

Taken from this steps for Windows